ATROTECH Elektrotechnik GmbH
continues to grow

Automation and robot technology made in Bamberg.

Andreas Schreiber’s company, ATROTECH Elektrotechnik GmbH, founded in 1997, is also feeling the changes in the automotive industry. The company, which is active in special machine construction and produces individual solutions for well-known customers, has been able to generate large orders in the field of e-mobility since the end of last year. “We do not have a classic product portfolio from which the customer can choose. We offer individual solutions in the entire field of state-of-the-art automation technology,” says Andreas Schreiber, founder and managing director. From process and test automation to cleanliness and leak test benches to the handling of stators and rotors, the company combines precision, performance, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in holistic automation and robot technology. From design to in-house production to software commissioning and customer training, the company offers everything that special machine construction needs. So it was only a matter of time before the company had to expand again. After another building was last purchased in 2016, the 3rd manufacturing/production hall will now be built in 2022. “In order to be able to meet the increasing demand for our solutions in the future, we need more space for innovation and new employees,” says Andreas Schreiber. The company currently has around 1,000 m² of office space and 1,500 m² for assembly and production. After the new hall is completed, the company will have 2,300 m² for the assembly and production of special machines. The company will continue to grow in the coming years, says Andreas Schreiber: “We invest an average of over €500,000 every year in our company and thus also in Bamberg as a business location.” The succession has already been arranged. Sandro Schreiber has also been actively involved in the company for some time and will one day succeed his father. The company is currently still looking for good and qualified employees from a wide range of areas who would like to continue the success story of ATROTECH together.

(v.l.n.r: Sandro Schreiber und Andreas Schreiber (Gründer und Geschäftsführer))