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For you, we combine precision, performance, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in holistic automation and robot technology. Intelligent special machines ensure stable production, standardized components ensure high cost efficiency. If desired, we can also provide your production with drive and control technologies, intelligently designed manual workstations and production management systems (MES) for planning. Last, but not least, we also provide you with the right software to network your machines and systems!

All advantages
at a glance.


Modular system that has been tried and tested over many years: The individual elements can be flexibly combined and expanded.


Modular system that has been tried and tested over many years: The individual elements can be flexibly combined and expanded.


We offer you a wide variety of variants, from manual workstations to complete automation.


Collaboration between individual applications is possible without any problems depending on individual needs.


Each of our solutions is designed for maximum part flexibility

Process modules

Various process modules can be integrated into one system, including surface testing and joining processes.

Handling of
Stators and Rotors

E-Mobility Powertrain

Interface to automatic loading system
High variety of parts thanks to fully automatic set-up in cycles
All in one gripper system for box and component handling
Reach into the box using the camera system and place it in the correct position on a WT system

Test automation

Checking parts can be so easy!
Here we show you how easy:

Simultaneous feeding and removal of components to a grinding machine
Fully automatic measurement with dynamic control loop adjustment for downstream grinding systems
Fully automatic stabilization and calibration processes

Cleanliness and tightness
Test benches according to VDA19

Particle cleanliness is one of the most important quality factors in the automotive industry and in numerous other sectors. However, checking and documenting so-called technical cleanliness represents a challenge for OEMs and suppliers. The particles specified as critical are often located on internal surfaces of a component, for example in the oil channel of a crankcase, meaning that testing using direct measuring methods is not possible. With our systems, residual dirt analyzes can be carried out in accordance with VDA 19 or ISO 16232. There, the particles are first extracted from the components in a cleaning step with liquid, collected on a filter and then analyzed according to customer specifications.

Process automation

You want to get your processes in shape,
automate them partially or even completely?
Then you have found the right partner in us.









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