Graf Stauffenberg Business School visits Atrotech

Does the IGZ in Bamberg really help company founders? What technology is actually behind automation robots? 14 teachers from the Graf Stauffenberg Business School in Bamberg took a look behind the scenes at Atrotech on Monday, March 7th and were not disappointed. “The number of machines here is enormous,” said school principal Martin Mattausch, surprised. The expertise of company founder Andreas Schreiber also left an impression. Mattausch’s summary: “We need companies like this. Medium-sized companies that create jobs!” Frank Minnigerode was also happy to personally take the time to answer the guests’ questions. The educators were particularly interested in the effectiveness of the IGZ, the center for innovation and new companies from which the Atrotech success story emerged. “Yes, it makes it easier to get started,” confirmed Schreiber. “At the beginning you never know whether you will make it or not. Being able to move in and out every month simply means you don’t have quite as big of a commitment. In any case, it is an excellent means of establishing contacts, but in the end everyone is the maker of their own luck.” Little by little, new departments were added to the company. While Atrotech’s offering initially only consisted of conception and construction on a software and electrical level, the medium-sized company can now plan, design, manufacture and program everything in-house “from A to Z,” said Schreiber, a graduate engineer in electrical engineering . Since the addition in 2012, not only the company premises have grown, but also the machinery. Thanks to the high-quality milling and turning machines, the engineering company is now able to produce individual parts with an accuracy of µ (one thousandth of a millimeter) in order to perfectly meet individual customer requirements. On average, it took around 18 weeks from the concept to the ready-to-use machine. However, the customer’s wishes are always at the center of this process. Schreiber says: “Whether it should be space-saving, fast or particularly accurate, that needs to be discussed.” These priorities decided on the approach right from the planning stage. The teaching staff thanked them for the invitation and wished the innovative company all the best.