Atrotech – A success story

From start-up to global automation expert

Atrotech’s success story began in 1997 in the field of electrical engineering and software development. At that time, Andreas Schreiber’s startup company was still in the interim start-up center in Hallstadt. Important experience and contacts were gained here as the still young company moved towards the year 2000. The Y2K panic was omnipresent: Were the world’s plants and machines able to survive the great millennium change without damage? As history has shown, the catastrophe was averted. Even Schreiber’s still small team successfully managed to protect its customers from any negative effects: the first test had been overcome. As a result, Atrotech experienced its first boom at that time and subsequently specialized in automation systems. In 1999, Atrotech moved to the newly built start-up center on Kronacher Straße and shortly afterwards, in 2001, with the friendly support of the city of Bamberg’s property office, in particular Christian Wonka, a suitable property was found for its own company headquarters.

However, the company expected a real milestone in 2004, when several large production lines were to be dismantled, assembled in their own halls, completely overhauled and shipped to China. The Atrotech company also passed this test with flying colors and earned the trust of major customers such as Bosch, Brose, Continental, Thyssen Krupp and Siemens, for whom it has been working ever since. A lot has changed since the time at the incubator. Instead of a handful of ambitious newcomers, the company now consists of a team of over 70 employees (and counting) who share the passion for innovation and enthusiasm for technology of the company founder Andreas Schreiber. In 2012, an in-house design office and in-house production hall were created, which gave Atrotech the opportunity to produce complete products in-house thanks to its extensive CNC machine park. Atrotech is currently supporting more than a hundred projects in parallel, and over a dozen complete systems are being planned from scratch. But no matter what new challenges the future holds for the Bamberg company, Atrotech will prove itself with innovation and attention to detail. In the foreseeable future, experts say, the next revolution will begin: Industry 4.0. Atrotech is already working on bridging virtuality into reality through intelligent software systems. Automatic ordering processes, wear monitoring and quality checks are just some of the possibilities in this new, exciting field. In any case, the Bamberg automation experts are excited.