ATROTECH Elektrotechnik GmbH named „Strategic Partner“

Rabenstein Castle in the middle of Franconian Switzerland formed the celebratory setting for the Stäubli Partner Summ it, which takes place every two years. At this year’s event, Stäubli Robotics honored its strategic and authorized partners with the presentation of the Partner Awards 2019 in an atmospheric ambience.

The company ATROTECH Elektrotechnik GmbH from Bamberg was also recognized as a Strategic Partner. “With the Partner Awards we want to express our appreciation for our partners and thank them for their loyalty and trusting cooperation,” emphasizes Gerald Vogt, Group Division Manager Stäubli Robotics . “The achievements of the award winners represent the innovative strength of our dynamic industry. This is precisely why Stäubli Robotics attaches great importance to the targeted exchange of experiences with friends of the company outside of day-to-day business. In this way, new alliances and networks are constantly emerging that produce groundbreaking automation solutions,” concludes Peter Pühringer, Division Manager Stäubli Robotics.